// Since 22nd December 2020 in winter hibernation.


Looking forward to serve you again in 2021!


The Cinchona Bar at 25hours Hotel Zurich Langstrasse is also during these times the perfect spot for a smooth aperitif or a "last" drink before (unfortunately) going home instead of going to the next club.


Highballs are still the real stars at the Cinchona Bar: no-frills drinks, prepared without a shaker and served in chilled glasses, currently with a weekly changing selection of our classics. Agreeably small and with plenty of bang for the buck, they’re a great opportunity to sample a few variations.


Served with the NENI’s delightfully eclectic, eastern Mediterranean specialities. Get stuck in!


See the menu!

(As we're currently changing the menu quite often, please note that there could be a slightly different menu on site)

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